News Digest Publishing Co., Ltd. (ND) is proud to be the leading trade magazine publishers in the worldwide metalworking industry since the inception of “SEISANZAI (Production Equipment) MARKETING Magazine” -the Japanese-language monthly journal in 1964.

Based in Japan, ND a prestigious publisher with over 50 years of experience has persistently issued a variety of Japanese-text metal working publications such as “the Fundamentals of Machine Tool” JIMTOF Guide Book“ and “Japan’s Machine Tool Industry Almanac 2014” in line with the development of manufacturing technology in the global metalworking industry.

ND also organizes the manufacturing technology show “MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN” (MECT) biyearly. MECT is the largest industrial trade shows held in odd-numbered years in Japan, featuring more than 400 exhibitors and 90,000 visitors. The event is held every two years in October at Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya Int’l Exhibition Hall).


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